Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dear Santa,

Here are some things I'd like for Christmas.

Handbag - Lux De Ville - $70 USD

Boots - Bordello / Pleaser USA - $75.00 USD (approx.)

Scarf - Alexander McQueen - $260.00 USD

1974 Plymouth Roadrunner - Vintage Autohaus & Imports - $24,900.00 USD

This House - $16,500,000.00


ps. I know the house is a little much, but I just threw it in because it makes the $260.00 scarf seem a little less ridiculous.  Plus, it's got a stable, so it'll come in handy when I have to buy ponies for the universe.  Which, evidently, is what I'm going to have to do because I've tried everything else to get a job.


  1. heh heh I have that purse <3
    Robynn do you want me to hold you one? I think we might have got some more in the new shipment that arrived...She has some new bags too, more rectangular...but glittery/car vinyl-ish. I will email you some photos later this week. We have a rocker scarf too, but more gauze-y/long a la Steve Tyler-ish.

  2. Yeah, if you can hold on to the bag for me that'd be awesome! We always had the same taste. Scarf too. What the heck. I used to have one from the store ages ago, but I think I gave it to Dana because he was totally rocking a Keith Richards kind of thing.

    Can you get the boots? Don't know if you order from Pleaser at all any more...