Thursday, June 2, 2011

In Other News, I'm Actually a Big Jerk

So as it happens, I jumped the gun and was a little hasty in my trademark Robynn™ response to the email of yesterday and am a total asshole.  Sometimes it helps if you read the second paragraph of things, or so it would seem.

Of course nobody would want, unless they were crazy.  Or infatuated with me for some reason.  Or chemically imbalanced.  Or something.  Maybe just because it's Thursday.  We don't know.

As it turns out, "Sandy" just wanted to exchange links.  My bad.  I'll read closer next time.

As an olive branch, here's some stuff about go karts.  (I still do, however, harbour all of my resentment toward them.  Being accident prone, close to the ground, and on wheels has distinct disadvantages.)


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