Friday, November 26, 2010

My Birthday Gift, Courtesy of The Husband.

The Husband took a "sick" day today, mostly because his job drives him bonkers and sometimes he just needs a day off.  Whatevs.  It can happen to the best of us.  To me, this meant that *hopefully* he'd use some of his multitude of free hours to do something productive around the house.  Like... oh... I don't know.  Cleaning the bathroom or something.  Especially since we're having people over tomorrow for MY BIRTHDAY.  It might be nice to not have to spend my Friday night scrubbing the toilet, since it's MY BIRTHDAY.  In any case.

I came home from work to discover that, indeed, The Husband had had a productive day.  The issue is that *my* idea of productive and *his* idea of productive come from two different planets.  And we're not talking Mars and Venus, here.  They're FAR too close together.  Mercury and The Planet Formerly Known as Pluto are more likely.

The Husband decided to rearrange the house.  What does this mean, you ask?  A number of things that I'll cram into point form because, frankly, I need to get back to the tasks that are before me.

  • Random stuff EVERYWHERE
  • An ammunition crate (I know, I know) that was essentially my Junk Box being unceremoniously dumped in the free zone in the lobby by my husband who didn't realize it was full of stuff
  • A whole crapload of papers that I'm now in the throes of sorting
  • A nasty papercut on my thumb from opening the two years worth of bills I never open (who needs paper in these, the days of the Internet) that make up the crapload of papers aforementioned
  • 20 minutes of tears (and approximately 50 cents worth of skilfully applied Dior mascara being wasted) as I'm sorting through said papers and find all these wonderful things from my past, for instance
    • Speeches written for me and The Husband's wedding, which, even though I'm incredibly pissed at him right now, are quite touching
    • Letters of reference written for me by various professors from my stint in The World of Academia
    • My First Paystub™
    • The pamphlet that came with My First Electric Guitar™ complete with original hex key
    • The list goes on

Okay.  Back to it.  Happy Birthday to Me.

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