Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I Am Horrible. And I Suck.

Hey again,

I know I said I'd try to get back to posting a little more regularly, but sometimes life and the things that go along with it (like a husband, a job, and friends) get in the way.  Holiday season schmoliday season.  Some Christmas in the near future I'm taking a "me" day and carting myself off to Paris or something.  Somewhere where I don't know anybody, have nobody to shop for, and can fill myself up on as much wine and cheese as humanly possible and socially acceptable.  France seems like a logical destination.  Heck, I could probably get away with not shaving my legs either.

Anyhow, back to the point.  Again, sorry it's been so bloody long.  And again, a recap.

  • Working again... - yay.
  • ...possibly NOT temporarily... - double yay.
  • ...but I won't know until sometime next week, maybe later - boo.
  • It was Christmas... - yay.
  • ...but I didn't get to spend it with my family... - boo.
  • ...but I will be seeing them next week - double yay.
  • ...and I did get to spend it with some awesome friends - also double yay.
  • I made an awesome casserole... - yay.*
  • ...that gave me heartburn... - boo
  • ...and also took forever to get through... - boo/yay depending
  • ...but was so delicious I had to eat the whole thing... meh.
That's about it, kids.  One of these days my promise to write more often won't be full of horse puckey.

On that note, good night and happy new year!


*For those of you who follow the link to the casserole recipe, I've made some crucial changes.  Message me if you want 'em.

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