Monday, December 7, 2009

Dear Cat Lovers,

Okay, okay, so this makes for an atypical blog post, but what the heck.  It needs to be done. 'Tis the season and all...

Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association desperately needs your help.  They are in dire financial straits and are suddenly faced with a very real likelihood of having to close their doors permanently.  I will be making a personal donation to  them, and I post this in order to encourage any and all animal lovers to do the same.  No matter how big or small, your donation WILL make a difference and will be very much appreciated.

This wonderful group of people is responsible for doing all the work that the SPCA doesn't.  They trap feral animals, provide spaying and neutering where necessary, take in dumped and abandoned kittens, bottle feed the kittens who need it, and provide wonderful foster homes for all the animals they take in until they can find permanent loving homes of their own.  They do all of this on very scant donations - much, much less than what the SPCA receives.  These are real people who really care.  They are a no-kill, non-profit, registered charity, and they need you!

I know several people who have adopted their cats through VOKRA, and can attest to the awesome work they do.  If it weren't for VOKRA, I wouldn't have my fuzzy niece and nephew pictured below.  If I didn't have my fuzzy niece and nephew I'd be a much, much angrier person and would probably steal a school bus full of field-trip first-graders and take them to see The Exorcist instead of to Science World, then give them each a double shot of espresso and a pair of scissors and set them free in Holt Renfrew to run amok.  So I guess if you won't think of the kitties you should THINK OF THE CHILDREN!  (And if you're like me and can't be bothered to think of the children, think of the haute couture that's going to end up with espresso stains and scissor-holes all over it.)

Donate here.

Kitties need Christmas love too.

"No beers without pettings," says fridge cat.

"What are you talking about?  I *totally* fit in this box!"

"Well, now that you've taken my box away I
have nothing to do but wait for you to donate.
Do it now.  Surly Cat commands you."

Please, people.  This terrific group could really use a hand.  Anything you can spare will be put to excellent use.  Thanks!



  1. donate here:

  2. Robyn,

    Thanks so much for blogging about VOKRA's plight. We're really hoping we drum up enough support to make it into the new year.

    Public Relations Volunteer