Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Am Horrible.

Sorry, readers (all three of you.)  I've been trying to wrap my head around being a working stiff again, so consequently the blog has fallen by the wayside temporarily.  However, once I get used to the whole idea again I'll be back in full force!  But in the meantime, I am a horrible, horrible fairy blogmother.

Anyhow, things of note from the past week:

  • Working again... - yay!
  • ...possibly only temporarily - boo.
  • Bought some bloody incredible tea... - yay!
  • ...for my husband for Christmas - boo.
  • Bought some new jeans... - yay!
  • ...that are exactly the same as my old ones - meh.
  • I finally got my mouse to work... - double yay!
  • ...after an entire day of trying to figure out Japanese and wanting to smack myself in the face with a shovel - boo.
Now you're caught up.  Back in a bit, kids.


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