Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Almost Famous....

So I just discovered a website thanks to Jenny at The Bloggess.  Essentially it's like really complicated Photoshop, but for complete and total morons.  (This is not to say that Jenny is a moron.  Jenny is actually quite clever.)  It's not to say that I'm a moron either - I'm just incredibly lazy about doing stuff in Photoshop.  Anyhow,  Photofunia is one of the greatest websites I've come across in a while.  Check it:

See?  I've apparently been immortalized in a back alley in some unknown locale by a person I've never met.

Here I am being impermanently immortalized by some little schoolgirl.  Thanks, schoolgirl!

I'm huge in Japan.
Or Taiwan.
Or Korea.
Or wherever the heck this is.

I'm so damned huge they built a whole freaking gallery devoted to me.

This is what my portrait will look like if when I'm on currency.

But the currency will probably come sometime after my first ad campaign...

... and my brief stint as the face of Armani Mania...

... and my many television appearances.  So what if they're the same appearance on many televisions!  Still counts as many.

Here I am gracing the walls of another gallery.

And finally, there will be numerous tomes written about my beauty and humanitarian exploits when cats finally take over the world and can read.
Or at least can flip pages and look at pictures.

Moral of the Story:
Photofunia + too much time on my hands = THIS.

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  1. Oh so very very good.

    There goes anything I was planning to do tonight.