Saturday, December 11, 2010

What Happened at The Husband's Christmas Party THIS Year

As you are aware from yesterday's post, last night was The Husband's Christmas party.  I promised you an update.  In the best interests of my hangover, I'm going to keep it very brief and to the point.  Here goes:


Number of minutes spent lurking near dessert table during "Operation Steal Cute Pinecone"



Number of times "Husband, cover for me!" was uttered:



Number of times The Husband had to question why he was covering for me:



Number of minutes it took to explain "Operation Steal Cute Pinecone" to The Husband



Number of cute pinecones successfully stolen:

6  (YES!)


Number of funny looks I got when I left the bathroom stall where I had photographed said pinecones* and went back to the party:



Number of funny looks that were probably due to the fact that it appeared that I had used the washroom and gone back to the party without washing my hands:



Number of minutes it took me to figure out that "oh, THAT'S why" I was being looked at scornfully:



There are numerous other things I could tabulate, but honestly, the most important thing is that I got my pinecone(s).  The party was fun.  This year I avoided awkward conversations by wandering around and finding interesting things to look at.  On that note, I'm going to head to the couch and look at the inside of my eyelids for a couple of hours.

As a parting gift, allow me to share with you the best text-message interchange of the evening:

RH:  My husband's boss just pulled my ponytail.  On purpose.  I may stab him.

DM:  Holy crap.  You should.  Just do it.  Act like it was an accident.  Use a spoon.


Happy holidays, all.  xo


* photo attached


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