Saturday, December 18, 2010

Donating to WikiLeaks and the Julian Assange Defence Fund Made Easy...

...or as easy as it's going to be in the foreseeable future.

Straight away, I'm not going to editorialize or comment one way or the other on the value of WikiLeaks as an organization or on the innocence, guilt, or multitudinous hairstyles of Julian Assange.  There is another resource out there to help you make up your mind if you haven't done so already.  It's called the internet, and it's right over there. →

The sole purpose of this post, from which you can likely gather my opinion on the matter (unless you're completely daft), is to make donating to Julian's defence fund (from Canada, at least) as simple as possible - because it's really NOT simple, at least to the layperson lacking in banking savvy. <sarcasm> Thank you, PayPal and various credit organizations. </sarcasm>

One: I bank with RBC (Royal Bank of Canada), so all of my screenshots are from their system.  I provide the following hoping that most other Canadian banking institutions are similarly set up.

First off, you've got a function for paying bills and/or transferring funds online.  Befriend it.  You can go to the bank in person and pay $40 for a wire transfer, or you can pay $13 to do an International Remittance online.  Select that.  See below.  (I've also included all of the following screenshots in a separate gallery as I don't trust that my formatting will work according to plan.)

Once you've selected your International Remittance option, your bank should be able to populate all of your personal information with what pre-exists according to your bank account data.  Select the United Kingdom as the country to which you wish to transfer funds.  Again, see below.

The next step is pretty basic.  Pick which account you want to transfer funds from, and run with it.  For currency, use GBP.  Speaking from a finance background, you want to talk to the receiving bank in its native currency - it leaves less room for confusion.  The receiving bank may not arbitrarily accept foreign funds, so you want to stay on the same page as them.  Below for reference.

Once you fill in whatever you feel like in this form, it'll bring up a cost review sheet.  The conversion from CAD to GBP isn't always a pretty thing.  Suck it up.

THIS STUFF IS IMPORTANT.  If you're already a dynamo in the world of wire transfers, you can find everything you need here.  If not, copy precisely what I've shown below:


After this, you should get a couple of screens asking to verify what you've entered in the last couple, then a very long list of terms that you need to agree to, and finally an option to confirm all of the above.  Please ensure you double check everything you've entered above.  For reference, again, in case you were too lazy to click on the link above:

Bank:  Barclays Bank plc 

Name of Account: “FSI - Julian Assange Defence Fund”  

Account number: 93842452 

Sort code: 20-77-67 

BIC/Swift code BARC GB22.   

IBAN:  GB86 BARC 2077 6793 8424 52

If you're having any difficulties and need some assistance, please contact me at

And if you don't appreciate what I've written so far, why are you still reading?




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