Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Safeway Soviet Socialist Republic

Why can't all trips to the grocery store be this amazing?  

I just fixed my woolen military coat because moving to Vancouver from Edmonton has turned me into a weak little whimpering pansy when it comes to the cold (it's a whopping -3 right now) and I can't handle it without 15 layers.  I head off, newly repaired coat on body, gigantic furry hat on head.

Checkout Guy:  "Wow.  You've got this whole Russian aristocracy thing going on.  You royalty or something?"

Me:  "Well, technically I *am* a Baroness, not that it counts for anything in THIS country."

Checkout Guy:  <checks out all my groceries, I pay>  "Thank you very much..." <looks at airmiles card>  "...Baroness Romanov.  It's been a pleasure to serve you."  <salutes>

Old lady behind me:  <baffled>

Love it.  This is why I should have a camera crew that arbitrarily follows me around.


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