Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This Isn't Awesome. This is a Cavalcade of Crap, Actually.

Dear Budget Rent A Car,

I have tried numerous times today and yesterday to reach personnel in the claims department.  My calls have been ignored, and have not been returned although I was assured that I would receive priority treatment.  I have been given a vast array of excuses for why my calls have not been returned, all of them unacceptable in terms of proper business practice.  The customer service I’ve received is abominable, and I am absolutely dismayed at the disregard shown for paying customers, specifically those who have paid above and beyond a reasonable sum.

My rental reservation number is *******2CA0; contract number ***8148.

The issue I am having is with your LDW, which oh so conveniently and in the very fine print doesn’t cover any areas of the vehicle subject to regular wear and tear.  When I returned my brand new (46 km on it) Volvo on which the smallest mark would have shown on plainly, I was told by the lot attendant Anthony that there was a scuff on the rim, but that it was “no big deal”.  Well, when I entered to finalize payment, the gentleman I dealt with seemed to think otherwise, and I have been charged over $360 for “no big deal”.  I demand full documentation for this cost, and want to discuss this with the claims department as the damage is purely superficial and in no way affects the car’s rentability or operation.  I expect receipts for repair, and photographs of the car proving that the repairs were in fact completed.  These I will compare to the photos I took both prior to renting and upon return.  Should any of this documentation be missing or insufficient, I will dispute payment.  Wear and tear happens.  Get over it.  Your LDW should take this into consideration – anything else is unethical.

If I do not receive a call before 3pm tomorrow, June 23, 2010, the following will take place: I will submit a dispute to Mastercard and have them refuse the charges; I will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau; I will be in touch one of my professional contacts who is a travel troubleshooter for MSNBC, National Geographic, and The Washington Post; and I will contact my local ombudsman.

I have done a vast amount of research into your company in the past couple of days, and frankly, wish I had done so prior to renting from you.  For all intents and purposes, you are scam artists.  I’m willing to bet that the minimal damage upon my return of the car will go unnoticed by the next renter, and they’ll be charged for the same thing.  It seems to be your business M.O.
I expect someone to contact me immediately.  7**-9**-6***

Robynn Holmstrom

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