Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Walk Home, as Illustrated with Pictures I Found on the Internet

So, I left work today a little after 5.

I was walking down Davie…

(Totally not Vancouver Davie Street, but whatevs.)

…when I came across $20 lying in the street.

(Like this, but folded in half and on the ground.)

I was surprised.

(Like this, but less Donald O’Connor.)

I picked it up.

I held it above my head and said “hey, does this belong to anybody?”

The strangers at the bus stop looked dumbfounded.

(Exactly like this.  But not in a church.)

I realized my question was kind of stupid, but sometimes I like helping.  I’d like it if it way MY $20 and someone asked.  I mean, how can you tell, though?  “Can you please recite the serial number?  I have to make sure it’s yours.”  Anyhow.

I said to the random man who was walking in my general direction, “Looks like it’s my lucky day!  I feel kind of guilty, though.”

(I’m TOTALLY this cute.)

“Well, if you’re gonna lose sleep I can take if off your hands…”

(Warning: may not actually be what random guy in the street looks like.  May be how I pictured him in my head.)

“Not THAT guilty.”

(Less fuzzy, more clothes on.  Same expression.)

And I promptly went to Shoppers Drug Mart and spent the $20 on much-needed cold medication.

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