Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dear people who bitch about how Lost is trying to be like Twin Peaks,

I don't get it.  And because I don't get it I kind of feel like you're a bunch of morons.  Let's go through a list of differences and similarities just to clarify.

  • Small town in the Pacific Northwest vs. large island in the South Pacific
  • Lost distinctly lacks a sexy jazz soundtrack, Twin Peaks is slightly more bereft of sexy men.
  • I've only watched the first three seasons of Lost so far, but I haven't come across any dancing little people in red suits.  (Or whatever the heck it's politically correct to call them these days.)
  • Twin Peaks: 30 episodes.  Lost: 116 episodes (or more).
  • Lost is pretty to look at because it's a pretty tropical island full of pretty people with cutting edge pretty cinematography.  Twin Peaks is pretty to look at because it's art.  (No, I'm not going to get into exactly what I mean by that, and no, it's not solely because I think David Lynch is amazing.  Every single frame is incredibly well thought out - I'll leave it at that.)
  • There is no plane crash in Twin Peaks.  There is, however, an airplane in one episode.
  • Both have trees.
  • Weird things happen.
Making a comparison based on these two facts alone is kind of akin to comparing Burt Reynolds to Hitler because they both have mustaches.  In any case, the next time I have to hear "Oh, I hate Lost.  It tries so hard to be Twin Peaks" I'm going to start walking forward punching and kicking and (insert deity here) have mercy on whoever is in my way.  Somehow I manage to like them both, and I'm probably the closest thing to a Lynchian Purist you're going to find.  There.  I invented a new term for myself and put you in your place.  And I don't want to discuss it.



  1. Dear Robynn,

    Thanks for being awesome.

    Love, Mystery Fan

  2. Dear Mystery Fan,

    You're very welcome. Thanks for being a fan, even if you ARE a mystery.